Friends, Romans, countrymen – lend me your ears!

Welcome to my blog.

As a Shakespeare geek, I have dedicated this blog to my personal Shakespeare journey throughout the year, through various playhouses.

The first journey of the year begins in September, at school, when the ESM Players choose their play for the school year. We premiere in March at a wonderful, intimate theatre, Galli Theater.

The Shakespeare adventure continues in April and moves outdoors: the summer open air production with Entity Theatre at Westpark, Theatron. After about ten weeks of intensive rehearsals, we invite our audience to come and see us: July sparks eight outdoors performances.

The last week of July takes me back to London. This is a week-long Shakespeare Excursion in which I encourage teachers of English/Shakespeare and theatre enthusiasts to retrace the steps of Shakespeare in his own time. We locate Shakespeare’s playhouses and sites with original manuscripts from f. ex. the National Archives, participate in acting/directing workshops and plunge into six different Shakespeare productions at various venues (such as the Globe, the Rose Playhouse, Iris Theatre, Bridge Theatre, Open Bar Theatre and many more fringe theatres). I’ll share some of the best productions we find with you.