With rehearsals moving into week four, we also dedicated some time to publicity work.

But first, have a look at our gorgeous poster!

Our trailer was shot mostly outdoors, to capture Verona and its landscape. For this, we shot several scenes at the Theatron and in surrounding parks, hoping it would mirror Southern Renaissance ambience. Quite a challenge with all those 21st-century-dustbins around the theatre 😉

Our artistic aim was to capture an atmosphere of alarm, tension, hustle and bustle — by which we hope to depict the daily life in our version of Verona.

The Theatron, Westpark; Photo: Conny Loder

The Theatron’s stairs, in this case, Entrance Audience Stage Left (ASL), serve well for a quick and energetic entrance of the rowdy Capulet and Montague clans, ever seeking trouble, ready to fight and defend their families’ honour. We don’t want to give away too much — and you will see for yourselves in our trailer and in the production — but this entrance will be widely used! If you want to be close to our actors, pick your seats around these stairs!

The next step was to choose appropriate music that supports these energetic entrances and the omnipresent hustle and bustle. We decided on a mix of Renaissance courtly dance music and swashbuckling adventure overture. After all, rich Capulet invites us to dance, to “foot it,” and with all the raucous  fencing in action in the market squares, why not go for something more rogue-like? More on this soon.

One more thing: Do you like souvenirs as much as we do? Then we got something for you: a fan flag. So, it’s time to make up your mind, are you a Capulet or a Montague?

Capulet and Montague fan flags, Photo: Conny Loder

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