This week, we’d like to introduce you to some of the cast and their stories.

Let us start with the Court of Verona.

Stefan joined Entity last year for Hamlet, playing Laertes. This year he plays Prince Escalus, claiming that sometimes his role of installing authority — or perhaps better, of attempting to install — vaguely reminds him of his job as a teacher. He also has the biggest hat in the cast, clearly prepared for wind and any kind of weather.

Stefan Füssl as Prince Escalus; Photo: Dora Lutz

Dmytro, also in his second year with Entity, plays his Attendant as well as the Apothecary, two distinctly different characters. You can buy poison from him, but beware, “his drugs are quick”, as Romeo will find out.

Dmytro Popovych as Attendand to Escalus & Apothecary; Photo: Dora Lutz

Another Entity regular for some years now, is Daniel. In Twelfth Night he played the identical twin to Viola (yes, willing suspension of disbelief!), named Sebastian. This year he undertakes the role of County Paris, who’s sole interests are a) looking dashing and b) marrying Juliet. Spoiler alert: Paris will succeed only in one of the two and most tragically he will suffer a fatal fencing accident, but at least, he will be buried next to Juliet.

Daniel von Eichhorn as County Paris; Photo: Dora Lutz

New to Entity, and with lots of energy, is Anna. She is Paris’ Page and is currently attempting to improve her whistling skills so to warn Paris.

Anna Vamos as Page to Paris; Photo: Dora Lutz

And then there is Alexandra. Having starred last year in the lead role as Hamlet, she has taken on the role of the unruly teenager once more, this time as Mercutio. Oh yes, another spoiler alert, Mercutio also dies in a fencing duel… Today’s youth, ts, ts. Do you spot the similarities between Hamlet and Mercutio? We certainly do.

Alexandra Krienke as Mercutio; Photo: Dora Lutz

You might have found the linking elements in this character group — hats and the colour purple. So, fans of Verona’s Court, if you want to support your team, purple would be your fan colour. See you at the Theatron!

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